Shenyang Gas Cylinder Safety Technology Co., Ltd

Shenyang Gas Cylinder Safety Technology Co., Ltd Shenyang Gas Cylinder Safety Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in July 2002, by adhering to the operation philosophy of scientific management, technical innovation, keeping improving and keeping honesty and promise, after more than ten years’ development, the company has developed into a large company with over RMB100m assets, the registered capi tal of 33 million RMB and more than 200 employees. The company has two branches: Kangping Branch andthe North block; and three subsidiary companies Gelaide Technology co., Ltd, Shenyang Yuheng Technology Co., Ltd and Shenyang Cryogen ic Technology Co., Ltd covering total area of 157000 square meters, the building area of 39000 square meters.

Sci-tech products leading sales

After continuous exploration, experiment and testing with advanced equipment, rigorous and pragmatic spirits, our pr oducts are approved of the Gas cylinder type test specifiedbyState Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspec tion and Quarantine, including: fully wrapped carbon fiber reinforced aluminum lined cylinders, CNG hoop wrapped ste el lined cylinders for vehicles, CNG steel cylinders for vehicles, Seamless aluminum cylinders, CNG aluminum alloy l ined cylinders fully wrapped with carbon fiber for vehicles, Carbon fiber fully wrapped aluminum cylinders for hydro gen powered vehicles, hoop wrapped fiberglass reinforced aluminum lined cylinders, portable oxygen cylinders for med ical use, seamless steel cylinders, fire fighting cylinders, more than 280 product’s specifications and 12 series pr oducts, application range involves fire control, chemical engineering, medical use and traffic, etc. and many of the se cylinders have been approved with CE、BV、CCS ,etc. Products sales have been arond the world more than 60 Countries, Including US, France, UK, Australia, etc. the corporate brand is recognized as a well-known trademark in China

Powerful enterprise Marvelous achievements

Shenyang Gas Cylinder Safety Technology Co., Ltd owns seven advanced production lines: a line for aluminum alloy liners and seamless aluminum alloy lined cylinders, annual production capacity is 200000pcs, producing the capacity of liner under capacity of 300 liters and cylinders of 20 liters, a line is for seamless steel cylinders, producing Cylinders capacity under 150L,two lines for aluminum alloy liner of carbon fiber fully wrapped cylinders, producing carbon fiber fully wrapped cylinders under 500 liters, annual production capacity 300000pcs, and a production line of CNG steel lined fiberglass hoop wrapped cylinders under 150L , 100000pcs annual capacity, a line for producing Carbon fiber mechanical arm, 2000sets per year, the last line for coal mining communication self-rescue system, and 20000sets yearly.

Leading technology keep improving

With a strong ability of research and innovation, our company was committed as the member unit of gas cylinder committee of China Industrial Gas Industrial Association, one person as the member of China gas cylinder standardization technology committee, and one person as the member of seamless aluminum cylinder branch association. the design and manufacturing of aluminum alloy lined carbon composite cylinders is recognized the state advanced level of congeneric products by the Shenyang Bureau of Science and technology, the company won the Shenyang fund of science and technology innovation and got support of key industrialization promotion program .

Our company, which owns 21 national patents, got approved by GB/T19001 Quality Management System during 2003 to 2005, during the period of 2007-2012, the company undertook 5 items of state “863” high-tech program, whilst won honorary title of new specialization, and made a significant progress on Energy saving and the new energy automobile projects’ of modern transportation, which also made manufacture technology of high pressure hydrogen container to reach advanced international level, this high-tech product were Successfully and initially applied in the energy efficiency and environmental protection cars in 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. It’s the first application in China. At the same year, this won the second prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award.

In 2011, which won the first prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award, during the period of 2011-2015, it won honorary title of “professional, exquisite, special and new” that the carbon fiber fully wrapped aluminum cylinders for hydrogen powered vehicles and the aluminum alloy lined carbon fiber composite cylinders for vehicles.

With the great advantages of technology and corporate influence, we have undertaken and accomplished a number of national standards:

GB11640 : Seamless aluminum cylinders

GB28053 : Composite cylinders for breathing apparatus

GB/T9251-2011《Test method for hydraulic pressure of gas cylinders》

GB/T15385-2011《Test method for hydraulic burst test of gas cylinders》

In 2011, corporate technical center is identified as Liaoning provincial technical center.

In 2012, CLD trademark was identified as China well-known trademark.

In 2013, our lab won the title of primary standard of a physical and chemical laboratory.

In 2015, our LNG cylinders acquired promotion projects of new energy bus, at the same year, ISO/TS16949 certificated. the technology improved and generalized projects for the small and medium sized enterprises in Liaoning Province, Shenyang Advanced Unit of Shenyang machinery industry physicochemical management institute and Shenyang special project of science and technological innovation.

Scientific management and Service upmost

Following the spirit of scientific management technological innovation, keeping improving, be honesty and loyal, CLD persist in learning the advanced management policy and method; setting up the strong concept of quality-oriented, and established perfect quality management office and quality management system; certificated by version ISO9001-2000; and the seamless aluminum cylinders were certificated by BV、CE、TPED ; Type I and Type II cylinders for vehicles were authorized by ISO11439 certification authority.We aim to build an excellent management team with great execution and a high-quality staff team full of vitality, and built the liveliest and the most competitive cylinder manufacturing enterprises under the principle of equal importance on scientific research and production in domestic.