Fully Wrapped Carbon Fiber Cylinders with Aluminum Alloy Liners


The seamless aluminum alloy gas cylinder is made of superior quality aluminum alloy (aluminum alloy 6061) and is manufactured through a series of processing procedures, such as punching, drawing, heat treatment, CNC spinning-necking; inner surface treatment including chemical polishing, chemical passivation and coating treatment, etc. Wall Thickness Uniform, low tolerance, shoulder and base with high-precision shape, inner surface which treated anodic oxidation have a nice anti-corrosion performan ce. The winding layer adopted superior high-quality raw materials, such as carbon fiber and epoxy resin, that is manufactured by the manufacturing process of CNC winding, heating solidification, etc. there’s a better general performance by compared with metallic cylinder, for example: working pressure increased, the capacity of gas filling is increased, the weight is decreased up to 50%, and have a better anti-corrosion, insulation performance, good cushioning performance and safety. The cylinders can support the use of breathing mask to protect respiratory system of firefighter and first aider met the smog, poison gas, dust and oxygen-deficient environment, etc. the cylinders are also applied to fire fighting, mining, metallurgy, petroleum, power, medical treatment, anti-explosion and CNG vehicles, etc. our company can customize different capacities of carbon fiber cylinders depend on different requirements of customers. Capacity range: 0.3-500L Outer diameter: 40mm-700mm.

The company drafted independently production standard of carbon fiber cylinders, GB28503 《Carbon fiber composite cylinder for breathing air》, and got approved by BV, CE, PED and TPED.


The liner is made of high quality aluminum (aluminum 6061) alloy materials. The wall thickness of the liner is uniform and the shape of shoulder and base are produced with high precision and consistency. With anodic oxidation treatment, the liner provides better corrosion resistance.


It provides effective respiratory protection for fire fighters and/or first aider in dangerous environments.

It provides high corrosion resistance.


The sizes can be customized to suit specific needs from water capacity of 0.3L to 300L.